Since moving to Edinburgh, J and I have had a serious case of wanderlust. Until recently, getting acquainted with our new town proved sufficient means of curing my longing to travel, but the past few weeks I’ve been antsy and restless to get out and see a bit more of this beautiful country. And it is beautiful. We rented a car for the weekend and were off to Loch Lomond for a good dose of countryside, and a chance to explore our new land.

This sweet beast greeted us on a hike we took around Loch Ard where we were surrounded with all the sights and sounds of nature that I’ve so been longing for since we arrived here. We may live in a bustling city, but there’s nothing like a “whiff of nature” to restore the soul and put the heart at ease. While I may still long to take in new places and am not at all ready to put away my travel bags, this weekend away was perfection in itself.

The following is a poem written by a Scottish native that lived near Glasgow during the late 19th century. I hope to always be the sort of person who is in love with the songs of nature.

A Whiff of Nature

by Alexander Anderson

I stand alone on the hillside,
The scent of heather about;
I am so free of the city
That I leap and dance and shout.

The curlew and the lapwing,
They look for a moment at me,
Then they whoop and dive together,
For they understand my glee.

I can fancy I hear them singing
As I see them flying along —
“Here is a weary old fellow
Who is still in love with our song.

“Let us sing him our shrillest and wildest,
That it may sink in his heart,
And be with him again in the city
When he turns his face to depart.”

And over moss and moorland,
They swoop and wheel and sing,
Till the very ferns beside me
Begin to quiver and swing.

And ever, as if from dreamland,
The wind brings this echo along —
“Here is a weary old fellow,
Who is still in love with our song.”

  • http://wordwand.wordpress.com wordwand

    thanks for sharing this great poem; the music effect in this poem is lovely as well as the imagery.

  • Mom

    Oh Katy, that poem is the song of my heart. I love it!!! I’m also in love with your furry friend. How I’d love to give him a little scratch around his ears!

    Love, Mom.

  • marla

    I ditto mom’s comment completely! I can’t wait to be with you and Jer on a walk and all of the beautiful furry and/or feathery friends we will meet! Love, Mari

  • http://www.beingthebrowns.wordpress.com Katie

    Great pic of the Highland Coo :)