this week in my kitchen

I’m linking up for another fun week of peeking in each other’s kitchens! You can check out the rest of the great blog hop over at Beauty That Moves.

kitchen (4):: thanks to the generosity of a very sweet friend, I recently had the privilege to join in Heather’s summer soul camp. It was delightful! And a bit of a pickle love fest, so I just had to make some refrigerator pickles on my own!::

kitchen (5):: salmon patties ::

kitchen (2):: nothing says summer like lemons! ::

kitchen (3):: fresh squeezed honey-sweetened lemonade with mint from the garden ::

kitchen:: sweet potato mac-n-cheese ::

blog (1):: beans ready for the freezer. Making up big batches of beans and then freezing has made cooking with dried beans so easy… just wish we had a larger freezer! ::

blog:: peach, basil, and fresh mozzarella pizza ::

kitchen (6):: birthday breakfast yogurt parfaits for little N’s third birthday! ::

kitchen (7):: victoria sponge for the birthday boy ::

kitchen (1):: favorite summer breakfast: berry smoothie and avocado toast ::

kitchen (9):: and the birthday celebrations continue! ny cheesecake with lemon blueberry compote, three celebrations for a three year old… it blesses this mama’s heart to have so many love little N so well! ::

This summer has been flying by and we have been drinking deeply of all the season has to offer. Long, leisurely mornings at the park, walks along the river, sweet birthday celebrations, picnics in the back green, visits to the zoo and spontaneous overnight trips to country cottages. It has been a wonderful few weeks filled with much laughter, sunlight and time outside. I love these long, light-filled days and while I am starting to feel myself look towards the cooler days of autumn and the more regular rhythm that will come with the changing seasons, I’m happy to linger a bit longer in the care-free days of summer. It makes me feel like a kid again.

  • Erin O’Connor

    This is all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I really should try freezing beans (I have no excuse; I have a stand-up freezer in the basement). I keep being lazy and using canned…! Enjoy the rest of summer.

  • OckDuSpock @

    Oh it’s funny, because where I live nothing says winter like lemons! :) All the food looks wonderful- love all the gorgeous birthday treats.

  • thespunmonkey

    Okay, everything looks amazing, but the bean thing = genius. Just last night I cooked up a large batch of black beans and didn’t have plans for the leftovers. Now, I’ll freeze them to use in winter chili.