this week in my kitchen

I’m linking up for another fun week of peeking in each other’s kitchens! You can check out the rest of the great blog hop over at Beauty That Moves. we’re loving the artisan bread experimenting going on around here, next up… sourdough ::

pea soup - fresh pea and tarragon soup ::

banana bread in the woods - banana bread in the woods ::

wheat berry salad - wheat berry salad ::

baked oatmeal - baked oatmeal, modified a bit from this lovely recipe ::

It has been such a nice week here in Edinburgh. Lots of warm sunny days, the chance to hang our laundry outside to dry, and plenty of impromptu picnics with my boy in the back green. We even managed to sneak away for an overnight camping trip in the Blinkbonny Woods. There is something really soul nourishing to have the time and space to quietly keep the rhythms of the home going… cooking, cleaning, hanging laundry on the clothesline to be dried. Sometimes these tasks seem so mundane and ordinary. And then, every once in a while I’m able to go through these movements with a centeredness that can only be received as a grace. Breathing in fully the ordinariness of life and being able to rejoice in it. The gentle flow of water on my hands as I wash dishes, feeling the sun warmed clothes as I fold them, and sweeping off our front path with N beside me sweeping away with his little broom. I want to drink in these moments deeply and store them away for the days I feel harried or tired or bored with the repetitive rhythms of life. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on remaining in the moment when so many moments seem the same. I want to lean in to the sameness, there is comfort to be found there. My prayer is to savor this ordinary time, as I know these sweet, simple days at home with N are really very fleeting.

  • Valeria Poggi

    Simple life is always the best. Thanks for sharing your photos and your feelings. Hugs from Italy

  • Marla Lipscomb

    Beautiful post. Thank you for all the ways you teach me to see beauty in the simple. So thankful to be developing the art of just being- One of the many gifts are little ones offer us daily…

  • Amanda Dymacek

    Mmm. An extraordinary life is a string of ordinary moments… I enjoy hearing the hum of the washing machine… it reassures me of all the things I take for granted: a home, the shirt on my back, people to care for…