tea parties, rummage sales and tractor rides

Edinburgh is a city of endless possibilities. Always something to do and somewhere to go, it really is lovely. It can also all be a bit overwhelming. Especially for an introvert like me. The older I get the more of a homebody I’ve become, and when it comes right down to it a day spent nestled snuggly in our quiet little home with my two loves is hard to beat. But, every now and then I get the urge to delve head first into some of the wonderful festivities always on offer in Edinburgh, and I think we managed to strike the perfect balance over a recent long weekend. It all began on a Friday night when a dear friend and I headed off to join in the fun at the Edinburgh Etsy Craft Party. All over the globe on 6th June crafters of all sorts gathered together in groups big and small from 7-10pm in their local time zone to celebrate the love of making. This is just the sort of unknown social situation I would typically shy away from as I didn’t know a soul involved, but on a whim decided to go and thankfully my good crafty pal was able to come along as well. The craft party in Edinburgh was so amazing. Check out the link from the organizer’s blog to get a play by play of the night. We were met at the door of the fab Haven cafe with a glass of bubbly and THE MOST generous goody bag I’ve ever received at such an event. You can see all the goodies here. We then proceeded to have a very relaxed and restorative evening filled with great conversation, yummy nibbles and a chance to release some creative energy embroidering fantastic old black and white photographs. It was a blast! So excited to get more involved with this group as I currently have plans underway to reopen my little etsy shop… Really excited about it and this group further inspired me to jump back into the world of handmade loveliness. More info on my plans in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

etsy craft party - sparrowhopes.com:: crafting away stitching a little photo for N… he adores pandas ::

Then Saturday morning we found out about a great FREE festival at one of the big local parks that was taking place over the weekend. N’s teacher from our weekly playgroup was performing a sweet little puppet show and since N is her superfan we knew we had to go. Much to our surprise this festival was huge, with way more to see and do than we had planned for. So, we chucked our plans for the rest of the day and decided to take our time and while away a Saturday browsing antique stalls, listening to great indie bands, eating yummy street food and just generally enjoying ourselves far too much. It was bliss. We also managed to time our bus journey home just right and missed the huge deluge that began as we reached our flat and didn’t let up until the next day. It felt just right to come home and cozy up under some quilts with a movie and some popcorn after tucking N in bed. Great day.

sparrowhopes.com:: N found some very special treasures at this stall, including a teeny tiny brass iron, pot and water-can, and a vintage compact mirror. All for £2. J wanted to try and haggle the price, but out of his deep love for me and recognition of my complete inability to emotionally handle haggling, he simply paid the vender for our trinkets. That, my friends, is true love. ::

sparrowhopes.com:: I couldn’t believe how many different types of musical instruments were up for sale. We almost came home with some bongos, but couldn’t work out how we would fit them on the bus along with the buggy… ::

sparrowhopes.com:: Love the flask with the deers. Also, the Las Vegas flask is classic. Las Vegas is the city I’m most often asked about by random Brits in the grocery line. Go figure. ::

sparrowhopes.com:: Oh I do love a good glass jar ::

sparrowhopes.com:: Glass jars and enamel ware… this vendor was speaking my love language. ::

sparrowhopes.com:: Love these old school water bottles ::

sparrowhopes.com:: my musical boys, getting into the spirit of the festival ::

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, Sunday found us heading out to Craigie’s farm after church for their open day. N seriously loves animals, and tractors, and people watching, all of which were readily available at Craigie’s. He was pretty much ready to move in with the chickens, he thought those hens had quite the set-up.

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: saying hello to the pony ::

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: highlight of the day… riding on the tractor ::

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: sneak peak. Craigies is where we go berry picking each year… looks like the strawberries are nearly ready for us! ::

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: the piggies! ::

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: checking out the chickens, N was deep in conversation with the little black hen at this point ::

craigies farm - sparrowhopes.com:: the flyer for the open day advertised cow milking. luckily for all involved it turned out not to be a real cow. N wasn’t fazed in the least. ::

  • http://www.thealmons.com/ccblog C.C. @ I’m On My Way

    The Etsy party was so much fun. Glad we got to go together! Sounds like yall had a grand week! xx

  • Marla Lipscomb

    Every time I think I have a new fave post, you go and post one like this:)! LOVE getting to journey with you through Your beautiful city. And N…your heart is so full of sunshine. Love the one of you two looking at the pony together and the one with his rainboots (he looks like a little boy all of a sudden…where did our babies/toddlers go?:) XOXO