See ye efter!

J and I are off on a little reconnaissance mission to our soon-to-be home of Edinburgh for the next two weeks. As I write this we are sitting in a quaint little hotel that sits just beneath Edinburgh castle… every time I look out the window I have to pinch myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming, and that we do, in fact, get to live here. Wow. Life always seems to hold surprises for J and I, but I can tell already that this unexpected twist is going to be amazing!

I have two pictures to share with you, (lots more to come, I’m sure)… First is an overview of our new city – isn’t it beautiful?

EdinburghCastleThe second is a picture of J’s new school, New College. I seriously did not believe him when he told me this is where he would be studying. It is absolutely incredible and I felt smarter just standing in the courtyard of the beautiful old building. Also, I like that this is New College, it was built in 1846.


I’ll post again if I get the chance, otherwise cheerio the nou! (This is how Scotts say good-bye to one another… isn’t that great?)

  • lisa

    Wow! So amazing… we can’t wait to come and visit! :)

    Love you guys…

    L & J

  • Marla Kay Lipscomb

    Ahhhhhhh! Kate and Jer we are SO EXCITED for you two! I could picture the smiles on your faces as you explore your new home and discover the beauty surrounding you! Jer, I can TOTALLY picture you at New College! Wow=) Know we are anxiously awaiting to hear all about your two weeks when you return to Boise (we miss you already!) Love, Mar
    PS-Ry and I went with mom to check on Sam and Luna tonight and gave them big hugs for you (Sam was hiding in your closet and was NOT happy to be found by me;)

  • Marcia

    I hope you’re having an amazing time and beginning to get a feel for what areas you might be interested in living. What an incredible adventure is ahead of you! You’ll have to post a blog on some of the fun “eateries” you’re experiencing!



  • Megan

    that is absolutely gorgeous! what a great adventure!

  • Shauna

    Um, can I book my trip to come see you NOW??? That is unbelievable, it made my day to picture my globe-trotting friends exploring their new home. I hope you are having a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • James

    Wow! That is incredible!