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no-poo 005

For years now J and I have been on a mission to rid our home of as many chemicals as we can. We’ve been making our own cleaning supplies for a long time now, and just recently started using our own homemade deodorant (it’s amazing!). Today brought me one step closer to our goal. I am officially shampoo and conditioner free. That’s right, I used up the last of my shampoo and conditioner and decided the time was ripe to make a long anticipated change to a baking soda wash and an apple cider rinse. I came across a fantastic step-by-step guide to going ‘no-poo’ on Pinterest that you can check out here. Basically, the idea is that the shampoos we use not only strip our hair of dirt and grease, it also strips away all the healthy oils naturally produced by our bodies which throws off the Ph balance of our hair. So we have to use a conditioner to put back in manufactured oils to replace the natural oils the shampoo took away. And the cycle just goes on and on and on. Until today. Since baking soda isn’t a detergent it won’t strip the healthy oils out of my hair. As someone who has ALWAYS had curly dry hair this really appeals to me. Also, not pouring chemicals down the drain every time I wash my hair is a definite plus.

This morning I did my final shampoo with a clarifying shampoo (as recommended on the site), followed by the cider vinegar rinse. The clarifying shampoo left my hair with that squeaky clean feeling that I’ve come to dread with my curly, and ever dry, locks, but the cider vinegar really did seem to do the trick and my hair was easy to comb out and has been soft and extra curly today. So far, so good. Can’t wait to try the baking soda wash! I’ll keep you all posted on the progress, but it felt so liberating to realize I’ll soon make it through my entire morning routine without a single chemical in sight.

As a side note, any local Edinburghers looking to make the switch, give me a shout as I have a mostly unused bottle of clarifying shampoo I’d be happy to pass along!

  • Lindsey Kaspar

    What did you use as the clarifying shampoo?? I have tried different washes for my hair but have yet to use one combo that didn’t leave my hair oily even after the 2 week transition. Your hair is thick like mine so I am interested in seeing how it works for you! Keep us posted!

    • Katy

      Hey Lindsey! We do have similar hair… Hoping if I stick with it things will eventually even out. The website I linked to had lots of suggestions about tweaking things until you find the combo that is right for your hair. Fingers crossed I can find what works!

  • C.C. @ I’m On My Way

    You’ll probably think I’ve gone off the deep end, but I’ve gone a step farther. I only wash my hair with water. That’s it! Almost a month now and I actually have some wave to my hair and it looks so much healthier.

    • Katy

      Not off the deep end at all! I’ve been doing ‘hot water washes’ for a while now in between shampoos. With your adorable short do I bet it would work great!

  • Sarah Matichuk

    I tried this but only for a couple days. I know you’re supposed to give it a little time, but I couldn’t handle how my hair felt. Mine is oily. Good luck! I’m interested in your results.

    • Katy

      We shall see! Day two is full of frizz… :)

  • Marla Lipscomb constantly are inspiring me in new ways! As usual, I may soon be following in your steps and would love all the tips and recommendations I can get:) Sending so much love and wish I was there to see your curls today!

    • Katy

      Hey Sis! I’ll let you know how it goes… Day 4 and my hair is hanging in there. Definite pony tail day, though! :)