i’m a knitter!

Today I have finally¬†gotten around to posting the gift I was working on for my sister, Mari. My sweet little sis and her husband are expecting their first child and she (it’s a girl!) will be here so soon! Her due date is May 12, and while I’ll have to wait to see her in person a little while longer, I’m eagerly counting down the days for that first iChat to see my beautiful niece.

Mari had a baby shower that I so wanted to attend, but living in Edinburgh just made that impossible. But, with the help of my mom I was able to send along a little gift to join in the fun. I’ve recently taken up knitting, and who knew how much I would actually enjoy it?! I’d made several attempts at knitting in the past, but only ended up with half finished scarves. However, knitting a sweater for a baby comes together so quickly, and it is just so cute in all its itty-bittyness that I now find myself hooked!

The idea for this project came from my crafty friend Rachel, who told me about a blog she reads where the mother is making outfits for her daughter by knitting sweaters and sewing dresses to match. That sounded just up my alley as I LOVE a theme! So, I decided to make three outfits (0-3 mo, 6-9 mo, and 12 mo +) and then add an age appropriate book to go with each. So fun!

If you’d like any info on the patterns I used just leave a comment or email me and I’m happy to pass the info along. And now, on to the outfits!

(0-3 mo)

(6-9 mo)

(12 mo+)

Thanks, Mom, for the pictures! :)