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edinburghWhat a whirlwind the past month has been! I can’t believe we’ve already been to Edinburgh and back and are now launched fully into preparation for our big move in January. Time is going so quickly! But, before I get too far ahead of myself I wanted to share some more pics from our time in Scotland – and share some great news,  we found a flat! J and I weren’t really expecting to find a place to live during our trip, mostly we were just hoping to find some neighborhoods that we liked. But, with the help of our gracious hosts (Katie and Derek also went to Regent, but we only overlapped one year. We’re so excited to get to know them better as we had such a GREAT time hanging out with them!) and an awesome email full of great tips from one of their friends we were able to find a home! It’s located at 9 Comely Bank Row and is in the heart of our favorite neighborhood in Edinburgh. I still have to pinch myself to make sure this really happened! Just to give you a taste of the neighborhood, within 1 block of our home is a wonderful organic, local grocer, a bead shop, an art store and a fair-trade tea house. Within 3 blocks of our new home is a great pub with food that actually tastes good, a beautiful park with a pond and walking paths, and the local football (soccer) stadium. Awesome. I am so excited to move in and really get to know the area! Unfortunately, J and I didn’t take any photos of our new flat, so you’ll just have to wait for those until January. But for now, here are some more pics from our time in Edinburgh and our new neighborhood.

edinburgh (1)

edinburgh (2)

edinburgh (3)
Edinburgh castle, right in the middle of the city.

edinburgh (7)
Here's a clear shot of J's school. It's just up the path from the National Gallery and some beautiful gardens.

edinburgh (9)
Edinburgh at night.

edinburgh (4)
The Water of Leith Walkway is a beautiful walking path that runs for 12 miles along the river. It's just a block or so from our home and so gorgeous. One day J and I took it to the Museum of Modern Art. It's a great museum, with a fun cafe, but the best part? It's free!

edinburgh (6)
This is the pub near our home that serves great seasonal food and has a HUGE variety of beers on tap.

edinburgh (5)
Inverleith Park is just a few minutes walk from our new flat, and promises to be a favorite spot on those rare sunny days in Edinburgh. The park also connects with the Royal Botanic Gardens, but I think we'll save those for when it warms up a bit next summer!

edinburgh (10)
Here's our flat! It's the second set of four windows from the left on the second floor. (Acutually that is called the first floor as the Bristish call our first floor the ground floor. Confusing, I know!)

  • lucashannon

    So great to hear about your trip! And we loved receiving the postcard all the way from Edinburgh! Speaking of new places to live, you’ll have to head over to our blog and see our new house! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your place and how you will make it oh so cute and homey. :)

  • lisa

    WOW! We are coming to visit! :)

    What a perfect place for you both to be… can’t wait to hear all about it!


  • http://thesunrisecafe.blogspot.com Janice

    You arrive in January and will be accepting visitors in February? :-)

    • sparrowhopes

      Yes!!! Please come visit, we’ll have the welcome mat out and some warm drinks waiting!

  • Megan


    this is sooo exciting!

    thought i would pass this along…not sure if you read daily candy -but they jsut reviewed edinburgh and they usually find some quaint places. :)


    give mar a squeeze for me please!

    • sparrowhopes

      Hey Megan!
      Thanks for the tip – I’m sure we’re going to use that review a lot!

      Also, I heard a rumor that you may be headed to England in the fall… Any chance we can talk you in to coming up for a visit? It would be great to see you!