this week in my kitchen

Every once in a while you come across an idea or way of looking at things that is transformative. I had just such an experience when I providentially stumbled across an e-course called Hibernate offered by Heather over at Beauty That Moves back in January. It was inspirational, healing and a deep cleansing breath of air just when I needed it. I can’t recommend the course highly enough. Because I so enjoyed Heather’s last course I signed up for her 30 Day Vegan class that is running now. And it is amazing. And beautiful. And further encouraging our family as we try to live in a way that is responsive and thoughtful and grace-filled in how we interact and care for one another and this amazing world of ours. I’m loving it.

In addition to all the wonderful ideas Heather is sharing in this course, the food and recipes have been outstanding. She’s even managed to transform a life-long dislike of minestrone soup (random, I know) into a new love affair. No easy task! All of this goodness that is filling up my kitchen is just to fun too keep to myself, so I thought I’d join in Heather’s weekly blog hop to share photos of the going-ons in the heart of our home. Our kitchen. If you want to join in the fun, just link on up to the blog hop. I always love having a peek at the yummy and creative things folks are cooking up!

kitchen 008

 :: flourless chocolate torte, seems a fitting cake to help a friend celebrate 40 years::

kitchen 007

:: mind blown. best minestrone soup I’ve ever had ::

kitchen 006

:: simple snack on a rainy afternoon with sweet N ::

kitchen 005

:: restocking our bulk goods. I love Kilner jars with a deep, deep love. ::

kitchen 004

:: homemade broth. yes it makes all the difference. ::

kitchen 003

:: beautiful bundt made by my beautiful boys to celebrate mother’s day ::

kitchen 002

:: potatoes going in the ground this week! ::