Meet Molly

I’ve really started to love sewing over the past year or so, but up to now I’ve tried to stick mainly to straight lines and relatively simple patterns. However, lately I’ve been feeling like challenging myself a bit, so I thought I’d take on a fun project as a Christmas gift for our beautiful Goddaughter, Ember. This little girl is a bundle of energy and adds a spark of joy to everyone who knows her – more than living up to her name! Anyway, I’d like to introduce you to Molly. I hope she and Ember will be very happy together. I think they’ll get along well. Both cute-as-they-come and full of life!img_6035


Want to make your own Molly? Check out this lovely blog by mmmcraft, where she has graciously posted a free pattern and tutorial for Molly Monkey. Also, check out this fun flickr pool of other Molly’s (and a Mikey?…!)

december is here!

I can’t believe December is already upon us – this fall has gone by so quickly! But, I wanted to make sure and share an easy sewing project I’ve just completed to help get our home a bit more in the Christmas spirit…

Cloth Christmas napkins!


These are really a snap to make and below is a quick tutorial on the process…

Supplies (for 4 napkins):

  • 4 – 10.5 in x 12.5 in cloth pieces in primary fabric (I used red stripe)
  • 4 – 1.5 in x 12.5 in cloth pieces in primary fabric
  • 4 – 2.5 inx 12.5 in cloth pieces in secondary fabric (I used green dots)
  • 4 – 12.5 in x 12.5 in back pieces (I used solid linen)
  • cutting board ad rotary cutter (optional, but makes the project super quick and easy)
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • coordinating thread
  • iron and ironing board

Step one: Cut out your fabric.




Step two: Sew top sides of napkin together.

Do this by aligning one 10.5×12.5in primary fabric piece with one 2.5×12.5in secondary fabric piece, right sides together, along their 12.5in borders. Sew together using 1/4in seam. Next, connecting remaining 12.5in side of secondary fabric with one 1.5×12.5 primary fabric piece (right sides together) sew together using 1/4in seam.



Step three: Press seams flat.


Step four: Attach napkin backs.

Align front napkin panel with one back panel, right sides together. Pin in place, being sure to mark a three inch space along one side to allow for turning napkin right side out.


Step five: Sew napkin together.

Stitch 1/4in seam around entire napkin, leaving three inch gap on one side in order to turn napkin right side out. Be sure to back stitch on either side of gap to reinforce the seam. Before turning napkin right side out, clip each corner to make nice sharp corners in your finished napkin.


Step six: Turn napkin right side out and press.

Step seven: Add topstitch border to completed napkin.

This is done by sewing an 1/8in border around the entire napkin. This adds a nice finish to the overall look of the napkin, and will also hold the two layer together nicely and make the napkin a bit easier to press after washing.

Step eight: Enjoy!


***PS Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the Handmade Holidays Giveaway!!!***

a little holiday cheer…


One of my favorite blogs during the holiday season is over at Sew Mama Sew where they celebrate the upcoming Christmas season by sharing a month of tutorials and wonderful gift ideas with their Handmade Holidays. This year they have also come up with a great idea for a collective blog give-away day. I love any excuse to spend extra time crafting, and what better time to have a give-away than to kick of the start of my new blog! Definitely a win-win all around.

Anyway, in the next few weeks I’ll be posting the project I’ve been working on for the give-away – I think you’ll really like it! For now, here’s a sneak peak of some of the fabrics that I’m using… Stay tuned and be sure to check back on my blog on December 3rd to post a comment and be entered into the give-away!



This blog is a long time in coming. For several years now I have felt the need to find some kind of outlet that would allow me to express myself creatively and also stay connected with family and friends as Jeremy and I contiue our pilgrimage. But I must confess, beginnings scare me. I much prefer the known to the not; and far too often in this life find myself reaching for the safety and security of the familiar. As a result, I have put off the dream of jumping headlong into the world of art and craft and really trying to make a go of my business, and opted instead to only dance around the edges. But now the time has come – and I hope this blog can be a space where I can share my latest projects, highlight others who are doing handcrafts well and generally share some of the bits and pieces that make up our life.

So, to start, I’d like to share a poem about new beginnings and a crafty blog to inspire. Enjoy!

Early Spring

Once more the Heavenly Power
Makes all things new,
And domes the red-plow’d hills
With loving blue;
The blackbirds have their wills,
The throstles too.

Opens a door in heaven;
From skies of glass
A Jacob’s ladder falls
On greening grass,
And o’er the mountain-walls
Young angels pass.

Before them fleets the shower,
And burst the buds,
And shine the level lands,
And flash the floods;
The stars are from their hands
Flung thro’ the woods,

The woods with living airs
How softly fann’d,
Light airs from where the deep,
All down the sand,
Is breathing in his sleep,
Heard by the land.

O, follow, leaping blood,
The season’s lure!
O heart, look down and up
Serene, secure,
Warm as the crocus cup,
Like snowdrops, pure!

Past, Future glimpse and fade
Thro’ some slight spell,
A gleam from yonder vale,
Some far blue fell,
And sympathies, how frail,
In sound and smell!

Till at thy chuckled note,
Thou twinkling bird,
The fairy fancies range,
And, lightly stirr’d,
Ring little bells of change
From word to word.

For now the Heavenly Power
Makes all things new,
And thaws the cold, and fills
The flower with dew;
The blackbirds have their wills,
The poets too.

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

As if Tennyson weren’t enough to awaken anyone’s creative spirit, go and have a peek at this lovely blog where you can learn to make some of these, just in time for the holidays!

candle tutorial

candles tutorial

***This is a very quick and easy craft – I was able to pull together these three candles in under 30 minutes using supplies I had readily at hand. Simple and speedy, my favorite sort of craft for a weeknight fix!