a little flair for your desktop

So, as most of you know I’ve recently had a good dose of free-time since we moved to Edinburgh. Mostly I’ve been filling my days with fun coffee dates with new friends, walks through the city, reading great books, sewing projects for our flat, and just generally enjoying my life of leisure far too much. But, there has been the occasional afternoon with nothing to do and in such situations I usually find myself surfing the web. Recently on one such afternoon I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I came across this great website.

I love having interesting desktops, but I hate how most pictures look with the desktop files on top of them. Way too messy for a Type-A’er like me. But, these desktops are so simple and clean in their design, not to mention quite trendy and modern as well. Plus there are LOTS to choose from! Below are some of my favorites… Makes you want to get one for yourself, right? Well, go on then! Have a look and I know you’ll find something to delight.